Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This is my Mom's picture either at high school or college graduation.  Either way she was beautiful on the outside and people that knew her then say that she was just as beautiful on the inside then as the day she died.

My Mom was a faith-filled woman whom loved Jesus with all of her heart.  She was a wonderful mother and, alongside Dad, raised us up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  Though she would say that she had nothing to do with it, I know that they both prayed us into the relationships that we all have with the Lord and with each other at this time.  They have both been overjoyed to watch their children grow into faithful followers of Jesus who are living their faith out loud in their given contexts.  

You always knew, that you were loved and you always knew that she had an ear that was available to listen to your celebrations or your woes at any time.  She loved and doted on her children, children-in-laws and grandchildren every chance she got.  I was so blessed to have Cindy Newton as my mother and I know everyone else in the family feels the same, whatever the relationship.

At her funeral, there was an incredible outpouring of loving lauds and praises from friends and family alike.  She and Dad had only been attending there church for about a year and a half but the impact their lives have had simply by being a part as been significant.  So many stated that they were encouraged and blessed by simply knowing my mom simply because of the way she carried herself and the selfless, faith-filled love with which she treated everyone she met.

It does not seem real that she is not with us anymore and while I know that many times it hits home later and people have really hard times with loss, somehow I don't think it will be that traumatic for most of us.  God has blessed us with such joy in remembering her and peace as we experienced her passing.  She had no anxiety about death nor significant trauma as she passed.  It was a very peaceful process as these things go.  She anticipated being in heaven with her Savior.  We know now that this expectation has been realized.  We know that she is with our Lord, seeing Him face to face, pain free and full of joy.  I like to think that her glorified body will look something like the picture above.

Obviously these truths do not remove the pain of loss or change how much we will miss her, but they do a lot for the healing process.  She would not want us to live our lives wishing her back.  At this point, I am sure she would not want to come back, nor do I want her to leave heaven to come back and satisfy my selfish desire to have her here.  She would want anyone who loved her and whom she loved to remember what was most important to her: family and Jesus.

Her greatest desire for anyone, but most importantly for her children and their families, is that they would live healthy, disciplined, joy-filled lives in which they are able to live long, enjoy each other, and bring glory to God in all that they say and do.  I for one want to satisfy that desire and I know that my siblings agree.  She would also desire that anyone who does not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior would come to know Him.  She would say that there is no greater joy than that.

May it be so in Jesus name.

These are pictures of a wonderful and timely family photo session that we had in May 2014 as we celebrated my parents 40th wedding anniversary.  I included captions under the first two pics for identification.  Please enjoy, remember a most wonderful woman and witness her most prized possessions.  Blessings.
Me, my sister Katie, Mom, Dad, my brother Zack, and my brother Andy

On bottom row are in-laws and grandchildren:
Tracy, Angie, Ryan, Alex, Brian(behind Katie), Melissa,  Josiah(Melissa's arms), Abby(Zack's arms)

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