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By the time people receive this post by email it will be November 8th, a historic least for my little clan.  November 8th will be the 20 year anniversary of the night that my wife and I began dating.  I was 18 and she was 21.  I was a freshman in college and she was a junior.  This is gonna be just as candid as most of my stuff, but probably a little sillier and sappier than usual.  So here goes. 

We got to know one another a little bit at a time over the first couple of months at school as we sang together in every choir that Greensboro College had to offer.  I was a music major, she was a psychology major.  But she loved music.  My wife is talented in ways most people don't know about. She's a singer, an actress, and is very gifted in visual creativity.  She is also, most believe, gifted with children in ways that she does not even understand.

But, one more thing most people would not know about her is this....
Tonight, November 7th I am looking at pictures of my children wearing pieces of the drum major uniform that my niece wore.  Tonight was her last senior year football game as the drum major for her super talented marching band.  Twenty plus years ago, Angie was doing the same thing.  She was the drum major for her HS marching band.  Who knows.  Maybe the legacy will continue one day in our boys.

Anywho, back to us.  We always had chemistry.  Don't worry I'm not gonna get grosse on ya.  Long story short, I kissed my wife-to-be in the Greensboro College chapel after a choir rehearsal.  The rest is history. We were together on almost every choir trip until she graduated. Then we spent the next four years figuring out who we were, up to that point at least, and what we wanted out of life, or so we thought.  Isn't it amazing how life changes who we are and what we want?

We survived six and a half years of the bumps and bruises of dating and May 26th 2001, we got married in the same chapel where we first kissed.  Pretty neat to be able to say that, I think.  Thirteen years of marriage and 20 years being all up in each others grill and we are still at it.  Because, of all the things that have changed over the years, this one thing has not.

We are both doggedly hardheaded about our commitment to our marriage and our family.  I mean, besides the obvious biblical commands regarding commitment to marriage and family...... who wouldn't want to fight for this family!!!???  We dreamed of this family.  We have been blessed with this family.  And we are not letting it go!

We are determined to do life together for this family.  For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, til death do us part.  

What I love most is that we had this commitment long before we ever got married.  Even though we were not legally or spiritually bound together, because we were not as yet married, we always treated our commitment to the relationship's survival as if there was no other option.  Oh there were plenty of heartache's and there still are from time to time, but we are all go, no quit when it comes to our relationship.  

For twenty years, we have loved and hated each other in a way that would say, "no matter what, I'm not leavin and neither are you!"  I am so thankful for that.  I am so thankful for this woman.

       I Love This Woman!!!                             Umm...                  Ok, How About This Woman?
Ah shucks, let's be honest, I love both of  those woman.  She's every woman, it's all in her!  Wait.  Did I go to far?  I can never tell.  I don't know, but it's fun, so I'm keepin it ;-0

Anyway, she is my best friend, my life partner, and the mother of my children.  I am so grateful that she has chosen to stick with me all of these years.  Come what may, she has gotten twenty years of my life and, as long as the Lord is willing to keep me on this earth, I am committed to giving her the rest of it.

Thanks for giving me a relationship that has always been worth fighting for baby girl.  As long as God gives me breath,  I will proclaim my love for you and my commitment to this marriage.  

By God's grace, I will obey scriptures commands to love you as Christ loved the church, selflessly and eternally, that God may get the glory and you may feel both His love and mine through my example.

Always and Forever Yours,



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