Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Ode to Bailey

As many know, we have had to let go of our pet/family member Bailey today, 8/20/2014, at the ripe old age of eight and a half years old.  He would have been nine around Thanksgiving.  He was a beautiful Blue Merle Australian Shepherd.  He was a faithful, loving dog who never stopped worrying over our boys until the day we had to lay him to rest.  He developed cancer and endured tumors growing in his neck and jaw for the last couple of months.  The diagnoses came in early July with a prognosis of 3-6 months.  But the reality of the true nature of things came much faster than we thought and way too soon for any of our liking.

My wife and children are heart broken.  I am definitely sad.  I loved him but for some reason I always kept that at a distance.  But, there is no denying that he was a wonderful dog and everyone who met him loved him.  Many have expressed their condolences and respect for Bailey as a dog and pet and for that we are very thankful.  I would ask everyone to continue to remember us in prayer for the next little bit as we learn to live without his presence and love.

I am sometimes better at expressing thoughts and feelings regarding the deeper emotions via the written word verses the spoken word.  So, I have written a poem to honor Bailey and express our love and appreciation for him.  For anyone curious about whether I think animals end up in heaven, I am honestly a little up in the air on that, but I chose to take a risk in the name of poetic license, allowing for the possibility at this time.  So if anyone feels the need to speak to that subject please refrain from doing it here.  Thank you.  I hope you enjoy it.

An Ode To Bailey

It's a sad, sad day when the puppy's go play, in the big field in the sky
For though old becomes new, from a different view, a family has said goodbye.

And so it is told, only nine years old, was our Aussie known as Bailey Boo
When he was young he was playful and spry, when old he was faithful and true.

He loved his boys and his squeaky chicken toy, hide and seek was his favorite game
He was always close by, but if far he did fly you could call, for he knew his name

Though it breaks our hearts, still we knew from the start, that this day was destined to call
No more suffering or pain will be yours now to claim, still many tears will now fall

Oh Bailey we love you, we'll miss you so much, a better dog we will never find
Never doubting your love, we hope to see you above, in that big field in the sky.

Our journey with Bailey has been filled with fond memories and growing boys that he has herded all along the way as any good Australian Shepherd should.  He did love us and we loved him back....very much.  Here are few pics of that journey together.  Enjoy!  We love you Bailey!

Bailey at around 2 months old.  We were at Pet Smart for training.

Little Ryan and little Bailey playing together
I  think this was Baby Alex's first Christmas which would have made Bailey about 3 yrs old
This is probably around the same time as the previous picture.
Ryan and Bailey 
Momma Angie, little Alex, and Bailey at a family photo shoot.  

Bailey's best and last winter.
The winter storm of 2014.

Bailey and his best friend Butterball

July 2014
Bailey, Angie, Ryan, and Alex.
I'm behind the camera
Our last pics together

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