Saturday, July 27, 2013

Change is in the air!

Hello Blog Family!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and prayers as I have been exploring the blog-o-sphere and experimenting for the glory of God.  Many have been blessed by what I have done, have given me positive feedback, and have sometimes thanked me personally.  Others, while only intending to provide constructive criticism, have made suggestions that it could be shorter and more succinct. I would like to emphasize that any criticism has been welcomed and, in fact, requested.

I have been striving to heed these thoughts by splitting posts into two or three parts.  Some have enjoyed that.  Though, I admit I have had concerns that they are still to long for what most are looking for in a blog.  I recently received requested feedback from a fellow ministry style blogger with more experience writing than myself that has prompted further consideration.  It was constructive and useful.

Because I know the Lord continues to do a work in me and I want to be mold-able clay for the Potters use, you will notice changes coming soon.  Changes that I hope will be for the better regarding peoples interest in reading and willingness to share the posts that they receive either by Facebook or email.  I have very limited reach as one person, even on a platform such as Blogger and with the use of Facebook.  If I truly want to reach the world for Christ and the glory of the Father's name virtually, then I need people to share my stuff.  I want people to share my stuff.  Because my stuff, as it were, is Gospel driven and prayerfully, will lead others to beginning a relationship with Jesus, if not moving deeper in their already established relationship with Jesus.  I do not want to be seeker-sensitive in content, but if simplifying or at least shortening the amount of material per post will make it more readable, and thus more desirable, then so be it.

So here is what you will notice.  More posting.  I am going to begin striving for a daily post.  It may not be daily every week however, Lord willing, you will notice multiple posts per week.  Because of this it will definitely be shorter, more often than not.  What you will probably often find however, is a continuity of the message of the post.  A stream of thought over a period of days as pastors do in sermon series.  So if you or others are shocked or offended by a particular post.  Maybe you even feel like you are tired of hearing about a particular concept.  Hang with me.  As you have seen I am determined to complete a thought and back it up with scripture. I also want to be well rounded in subject matter.  It will simply happen over a longer period of time.  You may even find you have more time to think about what is being said since it will come sprint style vs. marathon style.  I admit I have some thoughts that I would prefer to put into one solid post for continuity's sake so you will still probably see a lengthier post on occasion.  I am not sure how often yet.  Hopefully, you will enjoy the sprints enough to endure the marathon's  :-)  I am sure that they will not all be linked in subject matter, but many probably will.

So, daily posts.  Less material per post.  Less time consuming.  More easily read.  Maybe even a change in design, at some point, as I contemplate a change of address or platform.  Blogger has been great but, their are other blog sites that are still free or involve an inexpensive initial investment that will allow for more creativity on the blog page as well as in the content of the post.  Please pray for me as I explore, think through, and pray myself, about this process. 

I am excited about these challenges of thought and creativity.  I know some enjoy things just the way they are however, if I can reach more hearts with the Gospel by adjusting then I welcome the change.  The daily posts will begin very soon.  As always, go to the word.  Look at the scripture references that I give and look up more info on the topic. Don't agree or disagree with the posts without having investigated why you feel that way.  My goal if for you to grow in the Lord and studying God's word is the only way for that to happen.  I am happy to discuss these topics further privately with anyone who is interested.  Nothing is more important to me in regards to this blog than that God be glorified in and through your life.  Please feel free to provide feedback via FB or email.  Many of you see these posts via FB anyway and can simply reply to the post.  Also, my email is at the top of the True To The Word blog page.

Looking forward to this new adventure. May the glory and renown of God's Great Name be reflected in my work and in your hearts as a result.  Stay tuned.  You will not regret it.



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