Friday, March 15, 2013

Duck Dynasty, A Confession

I have a confession to make to the readers of this blog.  I always strive to be real and honest about my imperfections and that I am on the same journey that I encourage everyone who reads this be on.  God has shown me a flaw in my heart, the extent of which I was not aware.

I am guilty of judgement. It was a judgement based in ignorance.  It wasn't a judgement in the sense of assuming someone's eternal damnation. It really wasn't even a judgement of actions.  No it was a judgement assuming their worth or the lack there of.  It wasn't that I walked around thinking about it all the time.  I just kind of made up my mind after just a little exposure to the show and decided it was going to be garbage.

 I confess that I have not seen Duck Dynasty.  Only clips and previews.  Just enough to get the impression that it was a bunch of ignorant redneck, backwoods folks acting a fool.  Part of this is because, while they are not all "rednecks"  or "backwoods" most people on reality TV these days do act ignorantly and foolishly.  You would think they had no descent raisin the way they show their tail and act like idiots for all the world to see.  The fact is I have seen enough of many of these shows to know that there is in most cases zero recognizable fruit of a relationship with Jesus.  Occasionally there is a glimmer of hope but for the most part, it is a hopeless display of the very behavior that Jesus and Paul both condemned as unworthy of entry to the kingdom of God.  I had not seen this show in it's entirety at any point however, so I just thought it was yet another waste of airtime.  I heard folks that I respect talk about liking the show and thought, wow!  How in the world can they like something like that.

I confess this was blind, ignorant judgement on my part.  Then God corrected me. I cannot speak to the quality of the material in the show because as I said, I have not seen an episode in it's entirety.  However, in the last week I have seen interviews with Father(Phil) and Son(Jase) professing boldly their undaunted, faith in and love for Jesus Christ.  I was blown away.  I thought, WOW!  If only the majority of the Christian community, myself included at times would live their faith out loud as well as these guys do.

I am ashamed of my initial stance and grateful for the eye opening that my faithful, patient, loving, Heavenly Father brought me regarding this.  I am so thankful that He has provided an open door for this family to show this country what it means to be true followers of Jesus, bold and unashamed.

I know this is not my typical post but I just had to give a testimony to my flaws and God's faithfulness in hopes that it will be used to help someone else who may have been doing the same thing.  In fact, we as Christians are in danger of doing this every day.  Judging a book by it's cover with our own self-righteous presumptions about who someone is based on the way they look, an accent, or what they do for a living.  What is most concerning is that, as with many sins, we do not realize it is happening.

Lord, you are faithful.  Please continue to transform my heart and mind, opening my eyes to the hearts of people around me and YOUR heart for them.  Help me to see people and love people the way you do.  Either as faithful children who are striving to serve you just as I am or as lost sheep in need of a shepherd.  In any case, may I get to know them before deciding who they are and assuming their flaws.  In Jesus name,  Amen.

None of us are above this mistake.  Guard your hearts and make this your prayer today.


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