Saturday, October 13, 2012

The sufficiency of God's grace

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the cares of this world that we forget why we are in this world to begin with.

 It is so easy to forget that the only reason we exist is because Almighty God created us.  The only reason that we wake up each morning and make it through to the next night is because God allows it.

 If we are genuine, God-fearing, God following, bible obeying, believers in Jesus then that makes us children of the Most High.(John 1:12-13)  If we are indeed Christians, we still find it easy to forget that the only reason we have eternal life is because God, by his GRACE, sent his son to drink the cup of God's wrath toward our sin.  The wrath, that we deserved to be the objects of, because of our sin.  We so easily forget that only by his GRACE, he sent his son to die our spiritual death for us, conquering that death so that we can have eternal life.  We forget that even the faith that we are saved through is a gift of God's GRACE.  We so easily forget that nothing we have done or will ever do can save us.  We are saved, our salvation is kept, and we are eventually made perfect in heaven ONLY BY HIS GRACE.(Ephesians 2:8-9)  Until then, we press on toward perfection as Paul did knowing that in our areas of weakness God will show himself strong because his grace is sufficient to do so.(2 Corinthians 12-9)  In this way, only he gets the glory.

It is also in his loving GRACE, goodness, kindness, and mercy that we are blessed to live in America with the freedom's that we have while others around the world are dying daily for the right to proclaim the name of Jesus.  That we live in an area that is saturated with the Gospel being preached so that we would have the opportunity to hear, believe, and obey while billions around the world have never even heard the name of Jesus.  We forget that by his GRACE most reading this live in a country that is still one of the most financially prosperous countries in the world.  A place where most of us don't have to worry about where our next meal is coming from or whether we can get medical care.  This while billions are dying around the world unnecessarily of starvation or preventable disease.

So let us begin to remember.  Let us remember the reason that we wake up each morning.  Let us remember how blessed most of us are to have a dry, safe place to call home.  Let us remember how blessed most of us are to know where our next meal is coming from.

And, most especially if we are believers, let us remember  that we have eternal hope, joy, and peace available to us in Christ Jesus.  All we have to do is live out our gratitude by putting the Holy Spirit in the drivers seat each and every day.  Submitting our lives to Jesus's Lordship in every aspect of our lives.  Making our faith and our salvation known by the fruit of our lives.  Fruit that is obedient to the word of God.  Fruit that takes care of the needy locally and around the world.  Fruit that puts our brothers and sisters needs ahead of our own. Fruit that causes us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others because we have a revelation in our hearts that all around us people are living spiritually dead lives that will lead them to hell if they are not born again. (John 3:7)  Fruit that causes us to more lovingly be patient and kind with our children and our spouses.(James 2:14-26)  Fruit that causes us to submit to our authorities.  Fruit that causes to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.  Then your every need will be met.(Matthew 6:33)  Do not grow weary in doing good for in due season, you will reap a harvest.(Galatians 6:8-10)

Each night before you go to bed confess your sins and repent (turn away) from them.  Then you will have forgiveness(1 John 1:9).  Each morning, wake up and thank him for new mercies and compassions.  For the Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him.(Lamentations 3:22-25)  You don't have to seek out his blessings.  If you simply seek Him, desire Him, live for Him, His GRACE  and blessings will abound in ways you could never have thought of yourself.  You will know his presence like you have never known it before. You will have your hearts desire because God's biblically based and spirit-led will for your life becomes your hearts desire.(Psalm 37-4)

So let us stop living selfishly and LIVE FOR THE LORD!  He loves you!  He created you by his GRACE, He saves you by his GRACE, and by his all sufficient GRACE He will never fail you!

In Jesus name,


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