Sunday, June 24, 2012


   Since I first started my 1st post of this blog on April 19th 2012, I have been blessed beyond measure as my knowledge and familiarity with scripture and it's specific location in the Bible have grown. I have completed seven posts and my passion for God and my desire to obey him continue to grow.  I truly believe that if not a single soul read this blog that it has still been a huge blessing to me and I have been in God's will in writing it.
      Gratefully, people have read it.  As I have invited people to it whether by personal, face to face invite or through facebook, many have been gracious enough to give some time to checking it out.  For that I would like say THANK YOU!  I hope you have read it with a heart to receive whatever God had for you in it and I hope that you have received it with the heart of conviction, love, compassion, and honesty that I intended it.
      Admittedly, I believe God has chosen what I believe to be some difficult and potentially offensive topics for me to write on thus far.  I say God because IF I was looking for popularity or return customers, the personal topics and the honest, scriptural, straight forward approach that I have felt led to take would not have been my first choice.  But, I am not interested in being popular or even in having return customers if it means I must compromise any of the truth of the Word of God.  Someone might wonder why I have not written specifically with a straightforward Gospel presentation in mind.  It is simply because that has not been God's leading...yet.  It is coming soon though.  Gratefully, to this point, there have been nuggets of the Gospel intermingled all through the discussions of the topics thus far.  Sometimes with an invitation style thought process at the end.  This also has been God.
    When I started, I had no idea what I was going to end up with.  What it has turned into thus far is a opportunity to preach mini-sermons through the written word in a blog.  To present the truth of the Bible, the truth of the Gospel, and the heart of God as accurately as possible.  I have addressed issues of sin, issues of the heart, and how they affect our daily walk with Jesus.  Much of it has been written almost as if directed at the Church rather than the lost.  Why is that?  
    That is because God has given me a burden that, the lost are not only in the world but in the Church buildings.  I say it this way because no true member of the "Church" which is to say "the body of Christ" can truly be a member unless they have been a true convert.  I, along with many sound, bible teaching, pastors out there believe that there are too many people inside and outside of the four walls of a church that have no idea what it means to be a Christian.  I and they would like to see that change.  However, on the flip side, for that to change then the apathy of the true members of the Church has got to change.  To many, are taking to long  in getting down to the business of living out the Gospel and sharing the Gospel.  If you lived in a third world country where you were not free to practice whatever religion you wanted too, you would not even call yourself a Christian unless you were willing to die and leave this earth for it immediately.  That is the kind of "radical" commitment that Jesus is looking for.  No longer can so-called believers continue to profess Christ with their mouths but not live it with their lives.  Many, would argue that if that is your practice you had better question your Salvation. 
     "Sigh".....I confess that I am not that far removed from the very thing that I now preach about.   I was one of those who was lacking in many ways when it came to obedience.  One author calls it "Christian Atheism". The idea of believing in God yet living as if he does not exist.  If there is a difference between "Christian Atheism" and an altogether "false conversion" then it is a very fine line.  I confess that even now, as I am growing in the Lord that I am still too quick to judge sometimes.  I confess that only recently have I really begun to understand what it means to truly love as Christ loved.  That has primarily been in my personal life.  What I am longing for is to love everyone as Christ loved.  To see people through the lense of the person of the Holy Spirit and to have a compassion for the lost that consumes me in such a way as to swallow any fear, or lack of interest, or tendency to judge to quickly and causes me to pray tirelessly, and share the Gospel consistently, and obey God faithfully in every area of my life.
      Soon I will give my testimony as thoroughly as I am able in order that no one would read my posts and reject the Truth in the Word of God presented by me because they think that I am Holier than thou, or because they think that I don't understand where they are, or because they knew me in my earlier years (even through college) and think me a hypocrite now because of what I was then.  God is certainly powerful enough to keep me out of the way.  However, the bible says that believers will overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and that they will not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.(Revelation 12:11) So my testimony will go forth in due time.
     So again, I say Thank You to everyone who has subscribed to recieve the blog by email or is reading this for the 1st time.  As always, I pray that you will consider everything that I say in my posts, whether you agree or disagree, as an opportunity to scruitinize it against God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to guide into all truth. (John 16:13)  Ask the Holy Spirit what His purpose is for drawing you to this blog.  I want nothing more from this blog except Jesus Christ and Him crucified to be exalted both in Heaven and on Earth. 

I pray for many challenges,  many blessings, and much growth for each of you
in Jeus name. AMEN!


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